Meet Lindy - your instructor

A big warm welcome

I love using wafer paper to decorate my cakes, it's easy, fun and effective. In this class I'm going to be showing you 10 different ways of changing and shaping sheets of wafer paper into beautiful edible decorations for your cakes. Decorations that can be made in advance, stored and then simply popped onto a covered cake, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. I will also be sharing a painting technique for adding colour to your wafer paper to make your decorations pop.

Why do I love wafer paper?

  • Wafer paper is inexpensive to buy.
  • Wafer paper decorations are very easy to create, especially if you invest in a few punches.
  • 3 dimensional decorations don't wilt in humid moist conditions unlike their sugar counterparts.
  • Wafer paper is fun to use and it's possible to be very creative with it!

I'm sure you are keen to get on the next lesson to begin!